Forest Management

THOMASI adopts the Sustained Forest Management System. This Management System strategy aims at forest production to maximize production and multiple use of the forest.

Areas designed to Forest Management have their ligneous resources removed and planting densities vary as a function of soil and climate characteristics.

Forest production activities comprise state-of-the-art technology.

This activity involves planning and utilization of equipment that produces trunks under specified pattern. Also, there is equipment that promotes handling for loading, where System process assures capacity to meet production goals.

THOMASI Environmental Management

Environmental Management integrates operating goals linked to environment preservation and quality.

Thus, THOMASI is concerned with environmental issues and acts in compliance with all proper environmental control agencies.

Environment and quality management functions by THOMASI are driven by environmental restraint and safety standard-oriented actions.

Major THOMASI commitment is with environment preservation by means of an efficient sustained Management System and also the concern with social issues by tax contribution and the promotion of União da Vitória - PR region development.

Consult: www.fflorestal.sp.gov.br/index2.htm